Week 2 results!


I completely 2 full weeks of insanity! I haven’t been checking in daily because well, it gets boring. So, I just completed the fit test and here are my results compared to day 1!

Test                                  Day 1                              After Week 2              Difference

Switch Kicks                        95                                        118                         +23

Power Jacks                        52                                        53                           +1

Power Knees                       77                                        95                           +18

Power Jumps                       33                                        45                           +12

Globe Jumps                       10                                         11                           +1

Suicide Jumps                     12                                         15                           +3

Push-up Jacks                     17                                         21                           +4

Low Plank Oblique               20                                        35                           +15


So I have made a lot of improvements!! I definitely feel better and stronger. My upper body is still my weakest area, but as you can see it is improving! Little steps! i’m actually surprised by how much better I did in 2 short weeks! It’s motivating to get back into the workouts tomorrow and see how much improvement one full month brings! I have some pictures from the first few days and then today…just about 2 weeks apart!

The pink top is 2 weeks ago and the stripped is today!  



So, I can see some changes. My stomach is starting to get a little toned. I can feel muscles sometimes…but at the end of the day and when I sit…it’s still not a pretty site. I still have extra skin from pregnancy and my core muscles are still weak. By the end of the day after eating and drinking, my stomach looks way different than these pictures. These were all taken first thing in the AM.  But I am very happy and pleased with these changes. I regret not taking measurements, I wanted to but never made it out to get a tape measure!

I have also lost 2 pounds…and have not been eating super clean! While I have been eating a lot of egg/egg whites, greek yogurts, almonds, Shakeology shakes, apples, peanut butter, blueberries, bananas, chicken, etc….there has also been quite a bit of chocolate, some cookies, lots of snacking and maybe some wendys one day :/ oops! But thats life. Im trying to clean up my diet a little, but chocolate is one thing I cannot seem to stop! 

Today I ate:

B- Banana with 2-3 tablespoons peanut butter with an english muffin. Just a plain old original english muffin. It was delicious. I love them but never buy them anymore

S- Trader Joe’s granola bar thing and 3/4 pint of blueberries

S- Shakeology vegan chocolate shake with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. A few pieces of Trader joes Orange Chicken and some chicken fried rice from there as well. (In case you couldn’t tell I went to Trader Joes today)

S- A few chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzel bites from Trader Joes.

D- A cheese steak we made with sliced beef, onions and mushrooms with shredded mixed cheese on a mutli-grain roll. It was probably about 8 inches. Filling and very good! We also made Trader Joes garlic fries and I had a few of them, but didn’t care for them too much. Lots of garlic. Also a no sugar added fudgesicle. . .


So thats all…I held my first Shakeology Challenge group this week and am just waiting to get the results from everyone! I know a few of the girls have lost 4-5 pounds so thats exciting! I like the shakes a lot! I don’t care for the vegan strawberry…it’s very chalky but the vegan chocolate, regular chocolate and greenberry are all very good! They released vanilla this week so I will be trying that with my next order! 

Any questions, email me!!




I think I left off Friday night….the weekend just seemed to fly! Sat started with a 2 mile neighborhood walk! It was their garage sale weekend so we decided to walk around a see what was going on! I ended up getting Mase man a bunch of new toys for $30! It was defiantly worth it since some of them were brand new! Now I just need to wash and disinfect them all. When we got back I had a nectarine, banana with pb and a greek yogurt with granola. Then it was cleaning time! Jay’s mom, brother and brother’s gf were coming over to bbq later so we scrubbed and cleaned the house. After cleaning we snacked on some whole grain tostitos and boom chicka popcorn. So delicious! 

The rest of the day eating wise was kind of a blur. We grilled…I ate some chicken, some ribs, a bite or two of a burger and had some pasta salad jay’s mom made! It was so good…I’m not sure what she does but Jay and I couldn’t stop eating it! It was rigatoni pasta with olive oil, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and fresh mozz. I think she lets the tomatoes and basil soak in the oil over night…

Then everyone left and Mase went down for a nap so I was able to do my workout! It was the pylometrics again! I don’t know if it was the heat or just being tired but it was hard! I was forcing myself to keep going. I wanted to quit 100000 times through it but I just kept counting down! 

Sunday was a rest day. I did nothing but lay around, hang with Jay and Mase and eat. Not a good eating day. Lots of chocolate involved! I can barely remmeber what I ate but I know there was some chocolate chunk cookies, graham crackers with chocolate, honey bunches of oats, purple grapes, chicken, some mint chocolate chip ice cream and a lot of other random stuff. Besides the chicken, I didn’t really eat any “meals”…I just snacked and picked all day. 

Today it is back on track! My Shakeology shakes came in so starting today I’m going to be using them for breakfast or lunch! Probably lunch because usually I wake up hungry and want food food not a shake! So I’ll keep you updated with any changes I notice from them! 

That’s all for now! I’ll be back later!

Pure Cardio


Today’s workout was pure cardio. ohhhh my god it was intense. It starts the same as the other workouts, warm up then stretches. Instead of there being 2 more segments with breaks this workout is just one long segment and NO breaks. I think it was about 15 minutes broken up into 15 1 min exercises. There were a bunch of new exercises…I can’t even remember any of them…I think I have blocked it from my memory!

I do remember that the last few exercises I had to modify. One was suicides (burpees) which I completely changed and did punches again. I couldn’t jump up and down. And I think he had us running in the push-up position. I just couldn’t. And the last exercise was moving push ups, where I just did push-ups. I have a hard enough time with regular push ups, I need to work on them first before I get all crazy moving around!

All in all it was an intense work out. I had to stop a few times and just rest for 10-15 seconds and then I got right back into it. I really tried to focus on pushing myself in all the exercises and giving it my all. At some points I just wanted to stop and was counting down till it was over, but I’m happy I made it through.  One of my favorite parts of the video is after the streching segment, Shaun T is talking about how he is very nervous and scared for the rest of the workout. I just wish I could talk back to him and say if YOU are scared, what do you think I am?! It’s not a good sign when the instructor is scared of the workout! 

As hard as it is, you can get through it! It’s not impossible and you have to just do what you can! I figure even if I don’t finish every exercise and I’m not at the same level as the people on the tape, I’m doing more than if I was sitting on the sofa! And I know every time I do it I’m going to improve! I can see huge improvements in myself from a few months ago when I started Insanity for the first time. Back then I couldn’t make it through the warm-up without taking a break, now I can complete the warm-up without needing to stop! One day at a time! The great thing is at this point all the workouts for the first month have been completed! This shows me that I CAN do them. Now I just need to focus on pushing myself, keeping my form correct and improving every week!

Now for today’s food!

B- Paninni sized (ie big) slice of whole wheat bread with at least 2 tablespoons all natural peanut butter

S- Apple with a little more pb. And about a serving or a little more of pirates booty


L- A light flatbread wrap with a piece of grilled chicken and 2 slices of American Cheese. I also had a blueberry greek yogurt with granola

D- A piece of grilled chicken with 1/2 a huge sweet potato that I made into fries! I baked them with cinnamon and a little sea salt! 

S- Nibbled on a little more white chocolate peanut butter. A no sugar added fudgesicle. A few handfuls of milk chocolate chips.

I also drank lots of water. I always make sure to drink at least 4-16 oz bottles of water daily. Usually it’s more and I don’t drink anything else. No soda or juice. Today right before I did my workout I took my puppy and Mase for a walk. We did a 1 mile loop around the neighborhood. Mase fell asleep and I was able to come home and do the workout as he snoozed! 

Tomorrow is plyometics again! Hopefully I can get it done early during Mase man’s first nap because we are having Jay’s mom, brother and brothers girlfriend over for a bbq!

Cardio Recovery


Today’s workout was Cardio Recovery. It was a longer version of the stretches that Shaun T does after the warm up in the other workouts. I’ve never done yoga but this is what I imagine yoga to be like. I thought it was going to be a stupid workout and a waste of time but it is a good workout. My legs were burning, shaking and many times I had to stop the stretch or exercise. I’m realizing how important these kind of exercises are into building muscle and it doesn’t need to be all cardio. Another plus is it forces me to work on my flexibility which has never been a strength of mine. It gave my body the break and rest it needed and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s pure cardio! I have done this tape a few times and it is tough but an amazing workout!

Now for todays food!

B- Greek yogurt with granola and an apple with peanut butter. I was out of eggs and well everything, so a food store run happened after this!



L- Jay made fresh homemade tomato sauce with grilled chicken in it so I had a bunch of that on top of some whole wheat spaghetti with lots of parmesan cheese. I don’t know if it was because today was rainy and awful out, but it was exactly what I wanted and it was delicious! 

S- Some nacho cheese flavored pop chips and some cheddar cheese

Workout! (early today!)

S- After workout I made a protein shake. I used two big scoops and mixed it with prob about 8-12 oz of unsweetend almond milk. It was my first time doing this and it turned out great! It was as thick as a milkshake and actually tasted great



D- I made a piece of chicken with 5 spice and couldn’t decide if I wanted a quesadilla or a salad so I made both! I used a whole wheat wrap and made a small quesadilla with 1/2 the chicken, 2 slices of American cheese and some cheddar and a salad with the rest of the chicken and olive oil vinaigrette!  



After this I had a no sugar added fudgsicle and a few handfuls of milk chocolate chips. I also had some choc chips last night too!

I think that was it. Pretty good day!

End of day 3


What a long day! Today’s workout was Cardio Power & Resistance. It starts off almost the same as yesterdays workout. A warmup consisting of about 6 exercises that you repeat 3 times. A few different ones were included in today’s warm up. Then, the same stretching routine. My legs were feeling it. I was really trying to push myself and not take it easy because it was stretching. The third segment is 4 new exercises. You do each exercise once for about a minute then you get a break and repeat twice more. At the end of this segment I was exhuasted. I really pushed myself int he third round to go as fast and do as many reps as possible. The fourth segment is 4 more exercises that you repeat 3 times as well. This is where I got a little weak again. I finished 2 rounds, but on the third I didn’t have too much to give. 

I will say I enjoyed the workout and i really do appreciate how he has them set up. Just when you think you can’t do anymore, you realize you are almost at the end of that segment and you will soon have a break! He also tends to follow a very cardio move (jumping squats) with a less cardio move (belt kicks) that gives you a little break but still keeps you working hard!

But let me tell you…I am still hurting! I feel as if somebody punched me in the ribs. They hurt. My legs are exhausted and my back is aching, but that maybe is bc of an 18 pound little chunky baby I’m constantly carrying around! 

Now for todays food! 

B- Vanilla yogurt with granola and 1 egg + 4 egg white omelet with cheddar cheese

S-A serving of the “Hi im skinny sticks” I posted in my last post

S- A Banana with about 2 tablespoons of chunky all natural peanut butter

S- Probably about 2-3 more servings of skinny sticks with a bunch of roasted red pepper hummus. Could NOT stop eating both of these things! I also used a little 7 grain bread to finish the hummus because there wasn’t enough to save so I just had to finish it!


D- A lot of london broil with some mashed potatoes. Delicious! Jay made a whole 2-3 pound london broil and we finished it between the 2 of us. He ate it as two meals, but I still ate a good amount!

S- A huge rice cake thing covered in chocolate pb2. 

And during the day randomly there were 2 fudgesicles eaten. No sugar added ones

So that was my day…lots of little snacks. Now hopefully Mason will sleep in longer than 2 hour intervals because I NEED some sleep!



Just stopping in this morning to complain about how sore I am today! My stomach must have forgotten it had muscles! Clearly they have NOT been used lately! So sore! I left off last night about to eat my post-workout snack. I actually ended up making some chicken and eating it in a whole wheat wrap with roasted red pepper hummus! 

 I also took a few before pictures!



okay so as you can see I’m pretty thin. I’m not doing Insanity to lose weight. I’m happy where I am, but I need to tone up! My body has no shape. It’l just skinny. Hopefully I’ll see some results in the next 30 days and even more in 60 days! I’m probably going to be weekly pictures too bc I think actually seeing pictures and comparing them often shows more progress or changes than you realize!

Oh! Those veggie stick things I was talking about yesterday, these are them. http://www.hiimskinny.com/Homepage/  I got the sea salt ones. They are delicious! I didn’t know how else to describe them but to compare them to veggie sticks, but they are a little different. I wish I had seen the multi-grain cheddar! I may have to make a trip back to the food store!

I’ll be back later with an update on my workout and food for the day! I’m waiting for my shakeology shakes to come in. I’m excited to start using them as a post workout meal or with lunch. I can’t use them as a meal replacement bc I’m still nursing and I need more food than that!

Day 2


Oh man…I just finished my Insanity workout and it was tough. I didn’t finish it….I quit after the 3rd segment. I just had nothing left..in reality I probably could have kept going but 35 min was enough for me! The workout was plyometrics. It starts out with a “warm-up” which to me is more than a warm-up! You do about 6 exercises for I think 30-45 seconds. You repeat it 3 times. Some of the exercises are knee-ups, jogging, and jumping jacks. There is not a break until you compete the 3 rounds of the exercises. You have to remember to keep pushing yourself and not let yourself take the easy way out!

Next, you go a stretching segment. If you are doing the stretches correctly and not using this time as a break, the stretches are a workout! My legs were burning! You then go into another cardio segment with only 4 exercises. You do these for about 1 min each and this time you get a break in between each round. So you do exercises 1-4 break exercises 1-4 break exercises 1-4 and on the last round you mayyyyyy have a little extra surprise!

I was dead after this…and when he started jumping down on the ground and doing all sorts of crazy push up running things I just had enough. It was a long day. Mase man was up every two hours last night and the night before. I’m sore from yesterdays fit test. And it’s my second day..I did more than I have been doing so I’m happy. Next time I do this workout, I will finish it!

Now for todays eating! I took pictures but I realized they don’t look very good or appetizing so I’m going to work on that tomorrow!

B- Blueberry greek yogurt with granola

Two eggs over easy on ezekiel 7 grain bread with a slice of cheddar cheese

S- a bunch of veggie sticks, I found them today shopping. They are healthier than the normal ones…i’ll post more about them tomorrow!

L- Another super large rice cake covered in white chocolate peanut better (http://ilovepeanutbutter.com/index.php/peanut-butter-1/whitechocolatewonderful.html) I finally bought it today. It was good, but sweet. I used a lot. I also had 1/2 pint of blueberries

S/D- the other 1/2 pint of blueberries and a can of tuna with celery and lite mayo on a 7 grain roll. I nibbled on some random stuff too. Some more of the veggie sticks. A piece of an orange.

Then I did my workout at 8:20 (really did not want to do it btw) and now it’s time for something else! Deciding between some chicken or an apple with peanut butter.

On another note, I think I have officially lost my mind. Two times tonight while showering I jumped out convinced Mase was screaming. I have total mommy obsession syndrome! It’s like when you think your cell phone is ringing or vibrating but its not. I just think my baby woke up and is screaming in his crib for me. And I really thought he was. But he wasn’t. The little man is sleeping and hopefully he will stay asleep tonight and give Jay and me some sleep!!

If you have any questions, email me! Merideth912@gmail.com