Day 2


Oh man…I just finished my Insanity workout and it was tough. I didn’t finish it….I quit after the 3rd segment. I just had nothing reality I probably could have kept going but 35 min was enough for me! The workout was plyometrics. It starts out with a “warm-up” which to me is more than a warm-up! You do about 6 exercises for I think 30-45 seconds. You repeat it 3 times. Some of the exercises are knee-ups, jogging, and jumping jacks. There is not a break until you compete the 3 rounds of the exercises. You have to remember to keep pushing yourself and not let yourself take the easy way out!

Next, you go a stretching segment. If you are doing the stretches correctly and not using this time as a break, the stretches are a workout! My legs were burning! You then go into another cardio segment with only 4 exercises. You do these for about 1 min each and this time you get a break in between each round. So you do exercises 1-4 break exercises 1-4 break exercises 1-4 and on the last round you mayyyyyy have a little extra surprise!

I was dead after this…and when he started jumping down on the ground and doing all sorts of crazy push up running things I just had enough. It was a long day. Mase man was up every two hours last night and the night before. I’m sore from yesterdays fit test. And it’s my second day..I did more than I have been doing so I’m happy. Next time I do this workout, I will finish it!

Now for todays eating! I took pictures but I realized they don’t look very good or appetizing so I’m going to work on that tomorrow!

B- Blueberry greek yogurt with granola

Two eggs over easy on ezekiel 7 grain bread with a slice of cheddar cheese

S- a bunch of veggie sticks, I found them today shopping. They are healthier than the normal ones…i’ll post more about them tomorrow!

L- Another super large rice cake covered in white chocolate peanut better ( I finally bought it today. It was good, but sweet. I used a lot. I also had 1/2 pint of blueberries

S/D- the other 1/2 pint of blueberries and a can of tuna with celery and lite mayo on a 7 grain roll. I nibbled on some random stuff too. Some more of the veggie sticks. A piece of an orange.

Then I did my workout at 8:20 (really did not want to do it btw) and now it’s time for something else! Deciding between some chicken or an apple with peanut butter.

On another note, I think I have officially lost my mind. Two times tonight while showering I jumped out convinced Mase was screaming. I have total mommy obsession syndrome! It’s like when you think your cell phone is ringing or vibrating but its not. I just think my baby woke up and is screaming in his crib for me. And I really thought he was. But he wasn’t. The little man is sleeping and hopefully he will stay asleep tonight and give Jay and me some sleep!!

If you have any questions, email me!


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