I think I left off Friday night….the weekend just seemed to fly! Sat started with a 2 mile neighborhood walk! It was their garage sale weekend so we decided to walk around a see what was going on! I ended up getting Mase man a bunch of new toys for $30! It was defiantly worth it since some of them were brand new! Now I just need to wash and disinfect them all. When we got back I had a nectarine, banana with pb and a greek yogurt with granola. Then it was cleaning time! Jay’s mom, brother and brother’s gf were coming over to bbq later so we scrubbed and cleaned the house. After cleaning we snacked on some whole grain tostitos and boom chicka popcorn. So delicious! 

The rest of the day eating wise was kind of a blur. We grilled…I ate some chicken, some ribs, a bite or two of a burger and had some pasta salad jay’s mom made! It was so good…I’m not sure what she does but Jay and I couldn’t stop eating it! It was rigatoni pasta with olive oil, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and fresh mozz. I think she lets the tomatoes and basil soak in the oil over night…

Then everyone left and Mase went down for a nap so I was able to do my workout! It was the pylometrics again! I don’t know if it was the heat or just being tired but it was hard! I was forcing myself to keep going. I wanted to quit 100000 times through it but I just kept counting down! 

Sunday was a rest day. I did nothing but lay around, hang with Jay and Mase and eat. Not a good eating day. Lots of chocolate involved! I can barely remmeber what I ate but I know there was some chocolate chunk cookies, graham crackers with chocolate, honey bunches of oats, purple grapes, chicken, some mint chocolate chip ice cream and a lot of other random stuff. Besides the chicken, I didn’t really eat any “meals”…I just snacked and picked all day. 

Today it is back on track! My Shakeology shakes came in so starting today I’m going to be using them for breakfast or lunch! Probably lunch because usually I wake up hungry and want food food not a shake! So I’ll keep you updated with any changes I notice from them! 

That’s all for now! I’ll be back later!


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