Pure Cardio


Today’s workout was pure cardio. ohhhh my god it was intense. It starts the same as the other workouts, warm up then stretches. Instead of there being 2 more segments with breaks this workout is just one long segment and NO breaks. I think it was about 15 minutes broken up into 15 1 min exercises. There were a bunch of new exercises…I can’t even remember any of them…I think I have blocked it from my memory!

I do remember that the last few exercises I had to modify. One was suicides (burpees) which I completely changed and did punches again. I couldn’t jump up and down. And I think he had us running in the push-up position. I just couldn’t. And the last exercise was moving push ups, where I just did push-ups. I have a hard enough time with regular push ups, I need to work on them first before I get all crazy moving around!

All in all it was an intense work out. I had to stop a few times and just rest for 10-15 seconds and then I got right back into it. I really tried to focus on pushing myself in all the exercises and giving it my all. At some points I just wanted to stop and was counting down till it was over, but I’m happy I made it through.  One of my favorite parts of the video is after the streching segment, Shaun T is talking about how he is very nervous and scared for the rest of the workout. I just wish I could talk back to him and say if YOU are scared, what do you think I am?! It’s not a good sign when the instructor is scared of the workout! 

As hard as it is, you can get through it! It’s not impossible and you have to just do what you can! I figure even if I don’t finish every exercise and I’m not at the same level as the people on the tape, I’m doing more than if I was sitting on the sofa! And I know every time I do it I’m going to improve! I can see huge improvements in myself from a few months ago when I started Insanity for the first time. Back then I couldn’t make it through the warm-up without taking a break, now I can complete the warm-up without needing to stop! One day at a time! The great thing is at this point all the workouts for the first month have been completed! This shows me that I CAN do them. Now I just need to focus on pushing myself, keeping my form correct and improving every week!

Now for today’s food!

B- Paninni sized (ie big) slice of whole wheat bread with at least 2 tablespoons all natural peanut butter

S- Apple with a little more pb. And about a serving or a little more of pirates booty


L- A light flatbread wrap with a piece of grilled chicken and 2 slices of American Cheese. I also had a blueberry greek yogurt with granola

D- A piece of grilled chicken with 1/2 a huge sweet potato that I made into fries! I baked them with cinnamon and a little sea salt! 

S- Nibbled on a little more white chocolate peanut butter. A no sugar added fudgesicle. A few handfuls of milk chocolate chips.

I also drank lots of water. I always make sure to drink at least 4-16 oz bottles of water daily. Usually it’s more and I don’t drink anything else. No soda or juice. Today right before I did my workout I took my puppy and Mase for a walk. We did a 1 mile loop around the neighborhood. Mase fell asleep and I was able to come home and do the workout as he snoozed! 

Tomorrow is plyometics again! Hopefully I can get it done early during Mase man’s first nap because we are having Jay’s mom, brother and brothers girlfriend over for a bbq!


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