End of day 3


What a long day! Today’s workout was Cardio Power & Resistance. It starts off almost the same as yesterdays workout. A warmup consisting of about 6 exercises that you repeat 3 times. A few different ones were included in today’s warm up. Then, the same stretching routine. My legs were feeling it. I was really trying to push myself and not take it easy because it was stretching. The third segment is 4 new exercises. You do each exercise once for about a minute then you get a break and repeat twice more. At the end of this segment I was exhuasted. I really pushed myself int he third round to go as fast and do as many reps as possible. The fourth segment is 4 more exercises that you repeat 3 times as well. This is where I got a little weak again. I finished 2 rounds, but on the third I didn’t have too much to give. 

I will say I enjoyed the workout and i really do appreciate how he has them set up. Just when you think you can’t do anymore, you realize you are almost at the end of that segment and you will soon have a break! He also tends to follow a very cardio move (jumping squats) with a less cardio move (belt kicks) that gives you a little break but still keeps you working hard!

But let me tell you…I am still hurting! I feel as if somebody punched me in the ribs. They hurt. My legs are exhausted and my back is aching, but that maybe is bc of an 18 pound little chunky baby I’m constantly carrying around! 

Now for todays food! 

B- Vanilla yogurt with granola and 1 egg + 4 egg white omelet with cheddar cheese

S-A serving of the “Hi im skinny sticks” I posted in my last post

S- A Banana with about 2 tablespoons of chunky all natural peanut butter

S- Probably about 2-3 more servings of skinny sticks with a bunch of roasted red pepper hummus. Could NOT stop eating both of these things! I also used a little 7 grain bread to finish the hummus because there wasn’t enough to save so I just had to finish it!


D- A lot of london broil with some mashed potatoes. Delicious! Jay made a whole 2-3 pound london broil and we finished it between the 2 of us. He ate it as two meals, but I still ate a good amount!

S- A huge rice cake thing covered in chocolate pb2. 

And during the day randomly there were 2 fudgesicles eaten. No sugar added ones

So that was my day…lots of little snacks. Now hopefully Mason will sleep in longer than 2 hour intervals because I NEED some sleep!


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