Just stopping in this morning to complain about how sore I am today! My stomach must have forgotten it had muscles! Clearly they have NOT been used lately! So sore! I left off last night about to eat my post-workout snack. I actually ended up making some chicken and eating it in a whole wheat wrap with roasted red pepper hummus! 

 I also took a few before pictures!



okay so as you can see I’m pretty thin. I’m not doing Insanity to lose weight. I’m happy where I am, but I need to tone up! My body has no shape. It’l just skinny. Hopefully I’ll see some results in the next 30 days and even more in 60 days! I’m probably going to be weekly pictures too bc I think actually seeing pictures and comparing them often shows more progress or changes than you realize!

Oh! Those veggie stick things I was talking about yesterday, these are them.  I got the sea salt ones. They are delicious! I didn’t know how else to describe them but to compare them to veggie sticks, but they are a little different. I wish I had seen the multi-grain cheddar! I may have to make a trip back to the food store!

I’ll be back later with an update on my workout and food for the day! I’m waiting for my shakeology shakes to come in. I’m excited to start using them as a post workout meal or with lunch. I can’t use them as a meal replacement bc I’m still nursing and I need more food than that!


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