Day 1 eats and results


Okay, so today I competed the Fit Test. Some of the test were a little rough. My upper body is definitely my weak spot. My results are:

(each exercise was done for 1 minute)

switch kicks- 95

power jacks- 52

power knees- 77

power jumps- 33

globe jumps- 10

suicide jumps- 12 here is where I started fading

push-up jacks- 17

low plank oblique-20

Tomorrow starts the real workout that I’m surprising looking forward to. Now for todays meals. I’m going to start snapping pictures when I can. Today I didn’t remember until I was already eating or done. 

B- Greek yogurt with crushed almonds and 1 egg + 4 egg white omelet with prob 1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

L- Banana with peanut butter and more peanut butter on a huge rice cake thing I found at the store. They are prob double the size of a normal rice cake. They’re only 20 calories, sugar free. I’ll post a pic next time I use them. I easily used 3-4 tablespoons of peanut butter. 

Snack- a serving or so of pirates booty. Needed a little crunch.

Dinner- A little salad with all natural balsamic vinaigrette and a turkey burger. It was a pre-made massive turkey burger we bought on sale with bacon and cheddar cheese in it. I ate it on top of the salad.

Then I completed the fit test 

After workout snack- apple with a few tablespoons of chocolate pb2. Yum! 


So that was my first day. 59 more!


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