Week 2 results!


I completely 2 full weeks of insanity! I haven’t been checking in daily because well, it gets boring. So, I just completed the fit test and here are my results compared to day 1!

Test                                  Day 1                              After Week 2              Difference

Switch Kicks                        95                                        118                         +23

Power Jacks                        52                                        53                           +1

Power Knees                       77                                        95                           +18

Power Jumps                       33                                        45                           +12

Globe Jumps                       10                                         11                           +1

Suicide Jumps                     12                                         15                           +3

Push-up Jacks                     17                                         21                           +4

Low Plank Oblique               20                                        35                           +15


So I have made a lot of improvements!! I definitely feel better and stronger. My upper body is still my weakest area, but as you can see it is improving! Little steps! i’m actually surprised by how much better I did in 2 short weeks! It’s motivating to get back into the workouts tomorrow and see how much improvement one full month brings! I have some pictures from the first few days and then today…just about 2 weeks apart!

The pink top is 2 weeks ago and the stripped is today!  



So, I can see some changes. My stomach is starting to get a little toned. I can feel muscles sometimes…but at the end of the day and when I sit…it’s still not a pretty site. I still have extra skin from pregnancy and my core muscles are still weak. By the end of the day after eating and drinking, my stomach looks way different than these pictures. These were all taken first thing in the AM.  But I am very happy and pleased with these changes. I regret not taking measurements, I wanted to but never made it out to get a tape measure!

I have also lost 2 pounds…and have not been eating super clean! While I have been eating a lot of egg/egg whites, greek yogurts, almonds, Shakeology shakes, apples, peanut butter, blueberries, bananas, chicken, etc….there has also been quite a bit of chocolate, some cookies, lots of snacking and maybe some wendys one day :/ oops! But thats life. Im trying to clean up my diet a little, but chocolate is one thing I cannot seem to stop! 

Today I ate:

B- Banana with 2-3 tablespoons peanut butter with an english muffin. Just a plain old original english muffin. It was delicious. I love them but never buy them anymore

S- Trader Joe’s granola bar thing and 3/4 pint of blueberries

S- Shakeology vegan chocolate shake with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. A few pieces of Trader joes Orange Chicken and some chicken fried rice from there as well. (In case you couldn’t tell I went to Trader Joes today)

S- A few chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzel bites from Trader Joes.

D- A cheese steak we made with sliced beef, onions and mushrooms with shredded mixed cheese on a mutli-grain roll. It was probably about 8 inches. Filling and very good! We also made Trader Joes garlic fries and I had a few of them, but didn’t care for them too much. Lots of garlic. Also a no sugar added fudgesicle. . .


So thats all…I held my first Shakeology Challenge group this week and am just waiting to get the results from everyone! I know a few of the girls have lost 4-5 pounds so thats exciting! I like the shakes a lot! I don’t care for the vegan strawberry…it’s very chalky but the vegan chocolate, regular chocolate and greenberry are all very good! They released vanilla this week so I will be trying that with my next order! 

Any questions, email me!!


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