Day 1 eats and results


Okay, so today I competed the Fit Test. Some of the test were a little rough. My upper body is definitely my weak spot. My results are:

(each exercise was done for 1 minute)

switch kicks- 95

power jacks- 52

power knees- 77

power jumps- 33

globe jumps- 10

suicide jumps- 12 here is where I started fading

push-up jacks- 17

low plank oblique-20

Tomorrow starts the real workout that I’m surprising looking forward to. Now for todays meals. I’m going to start snapping pictures when I can. Today I didn’t remember until I was already eating or done. 

B- Greek yogurt with crushed almonds and 1 egg + 4 egg white omelet with prob 1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

L- Banana with peanut butter and more peanut butter on a huge rice cake thing I found at the store. They are prob double the size of a normal rice cake. They’re only 20 calories, sugar free. I’ll post a pic next time I use them. I easily used 3-4 tablespoons of peanut butter. 

Snack- a serving or so of pirates booty. Needed a little crunch.

Dinner- A little salad with all natural balsamic vinaigrette and a turkey burger. It was a pre-made massive turkey burger we bought on sale with bacon and cheddar cheese in it. I ate it on top of the salad.

Then I completed the fit test 

After workout snack- apple with a few tablespoons of chocolate pb2. Yum! 


So that was my first day. 59 more!


A new start!


Hey everyone! My name is Merideth. Today I will be starting the working program Insanity for the next 60 days! I wanted to start this blog as a way to document my journey as a way to hopefully help and motivate others! I will be blogging daily with my meals, workouts as well as my progress! I know that when I was researching Insanity and p90x, others peoples blogs really helped motivate me!

Now, a little about me! I just had my first son in Decemeber 2012. His name is Mason and I am completely head over heels in love with him.Image

(me and mase when he was 3 months!)


(mase at 4 month doctor appointment)


I have been lucky enough to be at home with him for the last 6 months and I have loved and enjoyed every moment of it! I gained about 35 pounds while pregnant (115ish to 150) and while I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight, my body is not the same. I’m naturally pretty petite. I don’t have a big frame and I used to be very active. I would run a few miles a day, go to the gym, kickboxing, walk, swim, hike, etc. When I became pregnant I thought it would be easy to stay active and eat healthy. I always thought that when I finally was pregnant it would be the healthiest time in my life! And it would be easy!! I wouldn’t be drinking, going out and I would never be hungover which of course was always the reason for waking up an needing to eat bacon egg and cheeses on everything bagels, mozzarella sticks, fries or any other deliciously greasy foods! But that wasn’t the case! My body was overtaken by a need for chocolate, constantly! Brownies, cupcakes, and hershey bars were a must! And the exhaustion! I was lucky if I made it through work without falling asleep! Coming home and working out quickly ended and it was the last thing on my mind. I realized my body was growing a baby, I needed to rest. If i was tired there was for a reason. I still took my dog for daily (almost daily) mile long walks up until the day I went into labor, but they slowly went from runs to jogs to walks to waddles.

And although I constantly craved chocolate, I did try to stay pretty healthy. During the week I would stick to greek yogurts, fruits, granola, salads, chicken, turkey, whole wheat bread, luna/kind bars, apples, peanut butter and usually a daily treat 🙂 but once the weekend came I let myself eat what I was craving. Some weeks the weekends would start Saturday sometimes they would start Thursday!

I was always gained right on track according to my doctor. Did I eat perfect, no. Did i eat horrible, no. Could I have gained a few pounds less? Sure…but I also probably could have gained a few pounds more! Anyway, the weight luckily came off pretty easily with breastfeeding, eating pretty healthy and working out. I came home from the hospital right about 140 and within a week I was at 130 by doing absolutely nothing but laying with my baby (and breastfeeding). Within the next few month or two…I got to 125 where I stayed for a while. The last 10 or so pounds required some effort and for a while I was sitting comfortably at 123-125, but once I hit 3 months of breastfeeding the last 5-10 pounds started coming off.

Now again, although I am back at my original weight, my body is definitely not the same. I didn’t want to get too caught up in losing weight and getting back into my old clothes so I would say it was about 3 months before I tried anything on. One day I figured I was about back to where I started, I had been 123 before and my clothes all fit so they should now. I pulled out some of my favorite jeans and I got them up and over my hips, but not even close to buttoning. I quickly threw then back in the closet and didn’t touch them for about another month. This was when I decided it was time to really start working out! Up until then I has been pretty lazy with my work outs and was still eating a few too many treats.

Starting at about 8 weeks after I had Mason, I started trying to get back into a workout routine. It was hard at first. I was completely out of shape and exhausted. While I thought walking a mile at 40 weeks pregnant with an extra 35 pounds was a good workout, it wasn’t! I lost a lot of my endurance and muscle. I started off doing some workouts from P90X. I’ve always been more of a cardio girl, so I wasn’t too interested in all their workouts, but the plyometrics and kenpo grabbed my attention. I did these workouts along with walking with Mase in the jogging stroller. Pushing a 15 pound baby up the hills in my neighborhood was often the only workout I needed for the day and it was tough! I kept with this routine for a little while, until we got Insanity! That’s when I decided, ‘okay, it is time to get back into real shape!’ I started and for the first week I was motivated. I did great! I was excited and feeling better. Week 2 went by and I felt even better. I was excited and I was starting to see some changes! Then, I took the weekend off. The weekend turned into Monday, then Tuesday….and you know the rest. I completely fell off the wagon and lost my motivation. I was still walking and trying to run but my days of Insanity had come to an end, fast.

I think this is a problem many of us encounter. My fiance did the same thing! He made it 2.5 weeks and stopped! He made it to 3 weeks in p90x and stopped. I think that when you want results so fast, its easy to go in very motivate and then become discouraged just as fast when you aren’t seeing IMMEDIATE results. I also pushed myself too much. On the off day I was still working out. On the day where its just a stretching work out, I thought ‘this is too easy, i’ll do more!’ Typical burnout.

This brings me to today! While I haven’t stuck with Insanity of p90x, I do contribute both with helping me get to where I am today. They motivated me and kicked my butt into gear but I need more! That is why I am starting this blog! I also have signed up as a Beachbody coach. I think both these things are what I need to to hold me accountable! I want to get into the best shape of my life. I want to complete the full 60 days of Insanity. I really want to see what my results would be like so that is why I am here and hopefully I can help and motivate others as well!

I will be posting a before picture tomorrow! At the end of the day/or early mornings I will post my meals from the day! Feel free to email me and ask me any questions! My email is

Thanks for reading!